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How About Doing Implants?

Most people have heard of dental implants from family and friends but may not really understand what they are and how they work. 

Dental implants are similar to plastic wall anchors that you drill a hole for and tap into plaster walls in order to hold a wood screw. If that image doesn't do it, think of a small version of a metal fountain pen cap which is put into previously drilled out bone and allowed to solidify under the gum tissue for a month. In either case, the wall anchor or the pen cap will be a receptacle for some sort of anchor in the future.

Dental implants come from different manufactures in different sizes and shapes but have one thing in common - they're all made from a metal called titanium. And what's so special about titanium? Only that when placed in a hole in bone, the bone grows to fill up the hole and attach itself to the titanium - a fusion of metal and bone. Pretty amazing! So with this technique we have artificial metal roots fused to the bone that can have "wood screws" put into them and act as anchors for crowns and bridges. Didn't you always wish you could grow a third set of teeth? With dental science, you now can.​​​​