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Same Day Veneers

Some dental procedures take weeks or even months to complete - not veneers. They can be done as a half-day morning or afternoon procedure with the preparation of the teeth and the immediate placement of provisional veneers. So, what's the catch? There really aren't any catches.​

What's needed first is an examination of the teeth where veneers are to be placed, a cleaning of the area and a plan of treatment. We also check for unfilled cavities, review the beneficial cosmetic changes you'd like to have done (reshaping teeth, color, rearrangement, etc.) and create a meeting of the minds as to what the final result should be. Then we're ready to go.

The visit for the active treatment could be a morning or afternoon session. Often, only a topical anesthetic swabbed over the gums is needed, but some patients prefer a totally pain free local anesthetic. The teeth are then prepared according to plan, impressions made and provisional veneers placed. When you walk out with provisional veneers, all of the proposed changes will have been made.

You'll then have the opportunity to try them out for a day or two, making certain no further changes are needed. About a week later you return for us to pop off the provisionals and bond the incredibly beautiful, unbreakable porcelain work we've created. After that it's toothpaste ads, here you come.​​​​